Wave Masters
Welcome to the Wave Masters Home page!  
Who and what are the WaveMasters?
In 1982, a group of dedicated, mature surfers decided to get together and do
what surfers do best when they’re not in the water – talk about waves and surf
trips. Thus the Wave Masters Society surf club was formed – a not-for-profit
organization of male and female surfers ages 25 and up. With each monthly
meeting, the club’s membership grew in numbers as well as diversity. The
Wave Masters  roster eventually consisted of a group of people as diverse as
America itself. There were doctors, lawyers, insurance agents, construction
workers, artists, business owners, carpenters, electricians, computer
programmers, you name it. The amazing thing is that none of that mattered.
When these guys got together it was all about SURFING!

The Wave Masters meet at different locations in Jax Beach to quench their
thirst, brag about recent surf trips, exchange ideas on board designs, discuss
ecological and philanthropic activities and to keep the stoke going.  Through
the years, the monthly meetings have included keynote speakers and surf
legends such as  big wave hero Ken Bradshaw,  long board shaper Bill
Stewart, as well as talented local shapers. Occasionally various experts like Al
Sandrik of the National Hurricane Center or a meteorologist or coastal
engineer will give an educational program that is of great interest and benefit to
local surfers. In addition to our meetings, the Club holds a monthly surf session
at various local spots so members can spend a day with family and friends, try
out different boards and work on honing their ding repair skills.

In 1983 the club hosted a surf contest at Jacksonville Beach and a tradition
was begun that has endured to the present. After a few years the contest
began to generate money from entry fees and raffles. Since then, the Wave
Masters Society has raised thousands of dollars for charities and youth-
oriented programs through the annual surf contest and ongoing endeavors.

The membership has remained just as diverse today as it was when it began.

This millennium promises to be an adventure of epic proportions for the Wave
Masters. We invite you to come aboard for the journey.
It's Official!!! The WAVEMASTERS Contest is
October 21-22 2017 at The Pier!
If you have already entered, you are STILL in!!!
Spread the Word!!
Mitch Kaufmann, Contest Director
1171 Beach Blvd. #104
Jacksonville Bch., FL 32250
904-241-0600 (fax) 866-252-9283