Jax Beach Lifeguards The Jax Beach American Red Cross Lifesaving Corp recently celebrated their 100th year protecting swimmers and other beach goers, making the North Florida beach/ocean experience safer for tourists, visitors and residents alike. Jax Beach has a team of Lifeguards that is nationally renowned in the world of Lifeguard competition. Lifeguard competition training promotes fitness, endurance, new lifesaving techniques, and serves as an ambassadorship among lifesaving corps around the world.

Carver Center

CARVER CENTER: The CARVER CENTER in Jax Beach was founded in 1951. It is located in the middle of “ The Hill”, an area of drug activity and crime. It provides a safe environment for neighborhood kids to hone their skills in academics, athletics, computers, and the arts.

Beaches Watch



Beaches Watch

Beaches Watch is a non-partisan nonprofit civic organization whose mission is to promote educated and productive citizen involvement in local and state government decisions that affect the future of our northeast Florida beaches communities.

They achieve this by raising, monitoring and researching issues; providing factual issue information to the general public and government officials; encouraging citizen participation in the solutions to beaches growth and quality of life issues and organizing citizens for action.




BEAM, or Beaches Emergency Assistance Ministry – was founded in 1985 by The Beaches Ministeral Association with help of a generous donation from Henry Blackstock to help folks in need of the basic necessities of life.

The beaches communities—Mayport/Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, Jacksonville Beach, and Ponte Vedra—are unique in metropolitan Jacksonville/Duval County. This area is a lot like a small town. Neighbors know and help neighbors, and the community takes care of its own. As a result of this support, BEAM is able to offer one stop shopping for social services. Churches, clubs, schools, businesses and individuals to donate food, dollars, and volunteer support to BEAM every year.

BEAM’s mission is to keep families in their homes and help them become self-sufficient. Sometimes families just need groceries to help them get through the month. Sometimes they need help paying a power bill or making a rent payment.


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