Polar Plunge

polar plunge 2016 lc copy

These days, the  club exists primarily to run the charity surf event, as well as the annual Polar  Plunge. The Polar Plunge is held every new years morning at the Jax Beach  Seawalk Pavilion next to the lifeguard station. What started 20 years ago as a  very small group of crazy individuals jumping in the water on January 1st in  only a pair of surf trunks, has grown to a pretty big event. In 2013 over 1000  people took “The Plunge” with as many spectators in attendance. The club  provides an “I PLUNGED” sticker for all who go into the chilly water, and offers  a commemorative long sleeve T- shirt for 20 bucks. The proceeds go to assist in  the club’s philanthropic endeavours. Club members arrive at the site around 8 am  to organize the 9 am Plunge. Everyone moves to the waters edge in time for a 10  second countdown, then scores of participants run into the water in swimsuits  only, and must submerge completely to qualify. Free T-shirts are awarded to the  youngest, oldest, and travelled the farthest.

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