The Contest

The  contest was started as a Pro/Am in 1984 by Bill Hixon & Sandy Forsyth,  owners of the two biggest surf shops in town. Both adept businessman, they knew  a big Pro/Am would ignite a new stoke on the local surf scene, as well as help  raise the image of surfing as a viable sport. Bringing top pros from around the  world could only raise the performance of local surfers. The first few years  were very successful but the pro purses were a financial burden, resulting in  dropping the pro divisions. Every year the contest has grown in size and  popularity. The pro event was reintroduced about seven years ago as a way to  give our local amateurs a chance to mingle with and compete against a higher  level competitor. This really helps heighten the energy level on the beach and  raises the  bar in the water as well.

For  years, monthly meetings with hot topics and guest speakers were the norm, but  busy work schedules and time restraints have put those on  hold.

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