Polar Plunge

In a tradition that began over twelve years ago, every January 1, at 9:00 am, the WaveMasters sponsor the “Polar Plunge”.  To qualify as an official “ Polar Plunger” one must run out into the ocean and completely submerge themselves before running back to shore. Surfers must stand up and ride one wave before returning to shore. This is all done of course while “skinning” it. In other words, without the benefit of  a wetsuit. Swimsuits only, regardless of the air and water temperature.

Some years the air and water are quiet mild, while other times such as this year’s, it is more of a challenge. (air 34, water 51!) As a reward for being brave (or crazy) enough to participate,

a special commemorative long-sleeved t-shirt is awarded in these categories: Oldest male, Oldest female, youngest male youngest female, traveled from the furthest distance. T-shirts are are also sold to participants while the supply lasts. There is always lot’s of local media coverage.


The location is the ocean in front of the Seawalk stage near the Red Cross lifeguard station in Jacksonville Beach. The public is invited so come on out . If you are brave or crazy enough!