The WaveMasters society began in 1982 in Jacksonville Beach, FL by a group of aging surfers who felt that their careers were getting in the way of their water time. And when I say aging I mean early 30’s. It was Cesar Garcia who pitched the idea to Bill Hixon and Sandy Forsyth, his good friends and owners of the two largest surf shops in North Florida.

The idea was a hit with many veteran surfers in the area. What started as a social club evolved into the largest and longest running pro/am surf event in North Florida.

Today the contest has grown to encompass 23 divisions of shortboard and longboard, male and female, and pro and amateur. Not only is this Florida’s premier surf event which showcases the vast talent in the area, but also a huge fundraiser for local youth and environmental charities.

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  1. Is there still a Ms. Wavemasters Contest? I won 1st runner up MANY years ago and was wondering if there were any photos of the contest from 1987? The bikini contest and fashion show was one of my favorite (& the prizes were great as well)!
    If I can be of help, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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