WaveMasters 36th Annual Surf Contest is being held October 5th and 6th from 8am to 4pm. Come join over 200 of the Southeast’s top Pros and Amateurs as they gather for a weekend of fun and rivalry. Thousands of dollars in cash, prizes, trademark balsawood trophies and a Beach Raffle that raises thousands for youth and environmental charities!


Once the entry form loads:

  • right click on the form
  • select “Save Image As…”
  • save it to your desired location
  • print
  • complete
  • mail!

Mail the completed form to:
1171 Beach Blvd. #104
Jacksonville Beach, FL  32250


  1. I would love to see female style shirts this year 🙂

  2. Hey. I’m interested in doing the event this weekend. But kinda last minute to mail in entry form as it may not get there in time. would it be possible to get my name in for the men’s pro and open men short board and I fill out the form and stuff when I get up there on Friday.

    1. I will ask the Mayor Mitch

      1. can a contestant surf both amateur and pro division?

    2. Amateurs can surf both amateur and pro

  3. Is registration still open?

    1. For future reference, registration is open until 5pm EST the Thursday before the event. Thanks!

  4. Will the heat/surfer schedule be released to the public?

    1. For future reference please check the WaveMasters Facebook and/or Instagram pages the night before the event. Thanks!

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